Our main objective is to share the gospel through the giving of food.

 Through networking with local business and other food ministries we are able to provide food, clothing, household goods, medical supplies and sometimes building materials to those in need.

Please STAY IN YOUR CAR for the free food from Jesus giveaways. Just drive up and we will take care of the rest.


Out of a Truck

We began operating Hands of Hope out of a truck in 1999. That's where our roots began, and it's important for us to stay rooted there. These free food giveaways give us the ability to do that, by filling up a truck with food and going to those who need it. But it's not from us; it's from Jesus. That's why we call it "Free Food from Jesus".


Not Just Physical but Spiritual

We are able to reach out and make a difference by distributing food to the hungry.  Although we are a Christian Ministry and most of our recipients are "faith" based organizations we do not discriminate against any group or individual in need.  Hands of Hope of Illinois recognizes that not all needs are physical and that spiritual help can be of equal importance. 


Do What We Say

It doesn't matter where you are. If you are hungry we will feed you. This journey has become more than a mission -- it is our life. 

Hands of Hope of Illinois Food Giveaway - 4/11/2020

While world renowned food banks are getting tons of exposure and TV coverage, Hands of Hope of Illinois is silently helping hundreds provide a meal on their table from Jesus. He has risen!!