Our next giveaway for churches, food pantries and 501(c)(3) organizations registered with Hands of Hope of Illinois will be Friday, August 16th. There is plenty for everyone! Hope to see you there.

Send us an email if you would like to register your church, non-profit organization or food pantry to participate in these giveaways.

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Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:30 am.

Joliet Hope Center Prayer Room

511 Oak Leaf Ct., Unit A, Joliet, IL

(enter through the West side door)

All are welcome for any day and all days!


Feel free to call us at 630-886-1553 or email us at handsofhopeillinois@gmail.com


Hands of Hope of Illinois is a Community Assistance Program striving to assist in God's business of caring for his children. Our main objective is to share the gospel through the giving of food. In church and places of worship you can read and learn the Gospel. At Hands of Hope of Illinois we live and experience the Gospel every day. Through networking with local business and other food ministries we are able to provide food, clothing, household goods, medical supplies and sometimes building materials to those in need.

In 1999 God put upon the heart of Woodie Stiltner, Jr. the vision of using his trucking company to help those in need. In the years since he has been joined by various others to accomplish this vision.

While we do provide goods to our missions out of the country, 90% of our products are distributed here in the U.S. We recognize that in many instances we have hungry Americans that either do not qualify or are overlooked by government entities and larger food ministries.

Our origins date back to the first food drive, out of the back of a truck during the Christmas holiday of 1999. With food donations from KeHE Foods and time from volunteers we were able to reach out and make a difference by distributing food to the hungry.

Today we assemble everything in our warehouse in Joliet, Illinois and are now distributing on average over 90,000 lbs. of food per week. Organizations and ministries have different needs and we accommodate these to the best of our abilities. Hands of Hope of Illinois recognizes that not all needs are physical and that spiritual help can be of equal importance. We are blessed to be able to share God's words at many of the recipients' facilities and churches. A prison ministry at Stateville Prison is a byproduct of this blessing.

Although we are a Christian Ministry and most of our recipients are "faith" based organizations we do not discriminate against any group or individual in need. If you are hungry we will feed you.

This journey has become more than a mission -- it is our life.





Our next giveaways for churches, food pantries and 501(c)(3) organizations registered with Hands of Hope of Illinois will be Friday, August 16th and September 6th.

Bring your pickup trucks and vans. We have a lot to bless.


1.  Please park in the NW part of the lot making sure you are not blocking access to vehicles.

2.  Make sure you fill out paperwork.

3.  Bring your OWN carts, 2 wheelers, etc. Please do not use the carts from the Hope Center.

4.  No-one is allowed near the pallets of food until you are released to do so.

5.  When gathering your food, take it directly to your vehicle. Please do not create other stacks on the lot or drive your vehicle next to the pallets.

6.  Watch for traffic! Please do not obstruct traffic.

7.  Be respectful of the workers and listen to their direction.

8.  Be respectful to one another. Share the food that is being distributed.




How to get to us!

Hands of Hope of Illinois

511 Oak Leaf Court, Joliet, Illinois 60436, United States

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