Each board member brings special talents to the ministry.  Each also uses their talents in the operations of the ministry.

Woodie Stiltner, owner of a small trucking company started the ministry on his own in 1999.  His responsibilities as president are to find the products for us to disperse.  He is also responsible for logistics.


Mark Tupper, MBA serves as the vice president.  Marks experience in upper echelon management and accounting brings to order the finances, record keeping of board meetings and administrative duties as needed.


Pastor Keith Leininger serves as a board member.  Not only is he the one we look to for spiritual advice and counsel, he also assists in overseeing participating volunteers in processing of shipments as they come in.


Alan Bruggeman serves as a board member.  Alan is an attorney and brings his valuable counsel to ensure proper legal procedures are used.  He is the one we look to for legal documentation and advice as needed.


Roger Stiltner, a business owner in carpentry, is our workhorse at the warehouse.  He loads, unloads, organizes, loads, provides any repairs we need done, building maintenance and travels whenever possible.


While each has specific gifts and duties, all members contribute their time.  Hands of Hope officers and board members serve on a volunteer basis and when possible, help with the everyday work.  God has brought together a well rounded group of men for this ministry.