The mission of Hands of Hope is to be about Gods business in caring for his children.  There are many hungry people today and there is a lot of food to be found to make provisions for the needy. Our mission is to find food, clothes, household goods, medical supplies and building materials.  This is done
through business owners donating and networking with other food ministries. 

We assemble everything at our warehouse in Joliet, Illinois.  From there as we find needs, we stage a load by going through the inventory and getting as good assortment of all we have in accordance with the needs of the recipient. Different areas have different needs and we accommodate to the best of our abilities. 

Not all needs are physical, there are spiritual needs too.  We do get blessed by being able to share Gods word at many of the recipients' facilities or churches.  Here also we partner with other ministries. We are a Christian Ministry and most of our recipients are faith based organizations. However, when we find a need, their religion or lack thereof is not a consideration for us to help. 
We do ask organizations if they are funded.  The reason for this question is to find who has the greater need.  Non-funded organizations will get first consideration because their needs are greater.

While we do have some goods being sent out of the United States Hands of Hope sends over ninety percent of goods received to Americans.  In many instances we are finding many hungry Americans have been overlooked by government entities and large food ministries.  

Our Mission